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Expat Landing Pad

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Expat support can make or break the deal!


49% of companies mention that expat support programs reduces challenges with adjustment and mitigates the risk of failed assignments




Cultural adaptation and family concerns continue to be the leading causes of failed expat assignments over the last decade. The key to reducing the major risks associated with the expat assignment is providing pre relocation and after relocation support for expat employees and their families to ensure their integration into the new environment.

Expat Landing Pad offers a comprehensive support for expat employees and their families facing the challenges of relocation. We provide informational and interactive sessions and integration workshops on all aspects of living in the Netherlands and we organize various social events .


A relocation process is a complex one. Once people have their expectations cross-checked and know that they will get support, it is easier to decide and transition.


We provide information and practical support on every aspect of life in the Netherlands during pre-relocation and after relocation period to help expat employees stop doubting and start experiencing.

Support for Expat Employees

Moving abroad has a major impact on how people view themselves. It’s even more impactful for accompanying partners who left their careers and social network behind.  


We help expat partners continue their career and rebuild their social and professional network in the Netherlands.

Support for Expat Partners

When the family members of expat employee being unable to settle in, and cope with, their new country environment, the employee will likely not succeed.


We support expat families by providing information on daily life essentials for families, daycare and schooling system and organising various events to help them meet other expat families who share similar experience.


Support for Expat Families with Kids

Relocation to a new country triggers the re-identification process and leads to a development of new roles. It is often hard to manage these processes alone.


Collaboration with experts who specialize in helping people transition to a new life, we help expats and their families to identify new priorities, areas of interest, and discover opportunities. 

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We help you enhance your talent management strategy and increase the return on investment by providing expat support programs.

Our practices are inclusive, enabling us to provide deep expertise, insight, local knowledge, and sustainable solutions. These all-encompassing solutions ensure stable hiring results by also focusing on sources of employees' productivity which is affected by their home environment.





Alexandra is an expat living in the Netherlands since 2014.  She knows how to build a community and how important it is to be part of one. 


“To me, life is a story that you write by choices you make. And I believe that living abroad is an amazing adventure that could add both special and unique moments to this story. I am passionate about bringing people together and will be happy to help you to make other expat's story in the Netherlands a happy and an interesting one!”






Goksen is a passionate networker based in Amsterdam. She has an extensive international network and she excels in connecting people.


“I believe that there’s nothing more to life than the people therein. As an expat partner myself, I know how hard it is to rebuild one's social and professional network in a new country. I'm here to help expat families integration into in their new homes by connecting them with compatible people and communities in the Netherlands.”






Felice is an experienced Dutch recruiter that does not beat around the bush with a more than 8 years of experience in global corporate recruitment. She has been working as a specialist in multiple international companies in the Netherlands and has a major track record in successfully matching jobs with expats.


Felice helps expats through assisting them in preparing their CV and cover letter, providing interview coaching and job offer analysis.



Iris is an international consultant, coach, and facilitator of change programmes. In the last decade a private practice in enabling women to excel in negotiating grew into the unique approach of Women & Negotiating.

Iris is dedicated to excellence and serving clients to achieve their personal and professional goals.



Rebecca is a British expat living in Amsterdam. She holds a teaching degree, specialising in languages. Besides her teaching role at an international school, she helps expats from around the world improve their English and feel more confident during their daily interactions in both their social and professional lives.



Annebet is an independent education consultant with a master's degree in Organizational, Social and Personality Psychology. She has a thorough understanding of the educational challenges faced by international families when moving to the Netherlands.


Annebet regularly shares her knowledge and experience through international magazines and websites, and gives seminars on the Dutch education system to international companies, individual families, and at fairs.



Anja has over twenty years of experience in giving language training to the expats and she is the founder of Flowently which is a fresh approach to learn the Dutch language.  


Flowently offers live language sessions to develop natural conversation skills by exploring real-life situations with a private tutor.   Customised flexibility from 8 am to 10 pm, Monday to Sunday with 180 tutors in 60 cities allows students to learn what they want, where & when they want. Flowently offers special sessions for spouses and children as well.




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